About Us

The experience of finally understanding a difficult concept, or solving a challenging problem, is one that leaves every student feeling as though they have made an illuminating discovery. Unfortunately in the traditional classroom setting, it is often difficult to cater to the needs of each student individually, and as a result, some students are left with more new questions than answers.
With this aim in mind, two students Arsh and Ali, decided to come up with a solution to this ongoing problem, and are committed to improving the learning experience of every student.

Our Vision

Our vision for our users is to have access to thousands of people who either need academic assistance or are able to provide academic assistance. Solvr has completely changed the way people view tutoring and has made it a lot more accessible to every student. Students can teach other students, you should try it out! Each One Teach One!

Solvr is transforming the way people approach school assignments and tutoring. We had the vision to transport users into a world where anyone can receive personalized assistance in a vast collection of academic subjects. Our team of experts worked tirelessly on this vision, carefully crafting our app to give the users what they’ve always wanted — a chance for academic success.