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At Solvr, we provide every student with the ability to experience the joys of understanding a challenging concept, as well as the opportunity to display their own expertise by teaching others.

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Solvr has transformed the way people approach school assignments and tutoring. We had the vision to transport users into a world where anyone can receive personalized assistance in a vast collection of academic subjects.

Connect Easily

Our users are able to get in touch with Solvers and Learners through our in-app text platform as well as our 1 on 1 video call feature.

Post Your Problem

Post your problem and receive help from a Solver by exchange ideas over a call or our step wise instruction feature.

Receive Help Instantly

Getting instant solutions is a uniquely powerful aspect for unlocking value in our product. The Solver goes through your query and respond accordingly.

Be a Tutor

At Solvr, you can be both a Tutor and a Learner. To be a Tutor, all you have to do is sign up!

Many Reasons to Choose Solvr

Video call with Solvr

Have a video call with a Solver. Connect via video call with another Solver to help further understand a concept.

Instant Response

With one simple button, students can receive help from any tutor around the world. Students can connect via our one-on-one video call feature, or the in-app text platform. Students can be tutors as well! Our platform allows students to switch between the learner profile and the tutor profile.

On Your Time

With Solvr, the process of learners connecting to tutors is a very simple and easy one. There are two options when connecting with a solvr. The first being a scheduled video call with a solvr at a specific time throughout the week or day. The second option is a solution based approach via the in-app text platform like a video, PDF, image, file or through a detailed typed out message.

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Join our app as a student and get instant or detailed solutions of your tasks as per your choice.

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Join as a Solver and get multiple chances to earn money by helping students out with their school related tasks.

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I cannot wait for Solvr to launch! I have wanted an affordable tutor that on my timetable for so long, I’m glad to finally see a platform that does that!

Carter Beswick

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